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Appraisals in 3 days or less? Our 24/7 ordering and our exclusive Dashboard technology makes that a reality for the majority of appraisals ordered through us. All activity on every appraisal is easily monitored with a “click”. In addition, most underwriter conditions are cleared that same day
We pride ourselves on employing the most experienced and successful appraisers for each assignment. We are the only AMC to exclusively engage state certified appraisers for every assignment. And our appraisers live in the areas they appraise to ensure that they correctly understand the local market dynamics of every property…
Regulatory compliance with all current national and state standards of appraiser independence as established by Dodd Frank, FHA, TIL, HERA, HOEPA, FNMC, and FHLMC is our top priority. In addition to our strict compliance policies, no one protects mortgage lenders more against loss– up to $3,000,000 per appraisal